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Kim Hyun-soon, Plana vice president and R&D center chief

SEOUL: Plana, a South Korean startup dedicated to building vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft powered by hybrid e-powertrains, says that Dr Kim Hyun-sun from Agency for Defense Development has joined the company as vice-president.

Kim, who is a research and development (R&D) expert in developing drone systems, spent over 25 years developing anti-ship missile, aerospace and drone systems at the state-run agency.

Kim will also head Plana’s research centre.


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With Kim joining the team, the company would accelerate the commercialisation plan on launching the country’s first hybrid-based VTOL by 2028, the firm said.

“It is pivotal for the company to secure comprehensive technology prowess in developing a hyrid-based aircraft system at an early stage.

“So we see that Kim will significantly enhance Plana’s R&D capability in developing both drone and aircraft systems,” said Braden J Kim, chief executive of Plana.

This year alone, Plana has recruited some 40 professionals in the field who have worked at global companies like Airbus and Hyundai Motor, it said.

It seeks to establish its headquarters in the United States. — The Korea Herald/ANN



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