MNHB wins RM26.9mil EPCC contract for solar farm

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KUALA LUMPUR: MN Holdings Bhd (MNHB) has secured a RM26.9mil contract for the engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning (EPCC) of an interconnection facility for a large-scale solar photovoltaic (LSSPV) plant and 132kV substation in Chuping, Perlis.

In a statement, MNHB said its wholly-owned subsidiary MN Power Transmission Sdn Bhd in joint venture with Savelite Engineering Sdn Bhd, received and accepted a letter of award (LOA) from the main contractor Atlantic Blue Sdn Bhd for their appointment as the sub-contractor for the 50 MWAC LSSPV plant.

The underground utilities and substation engineering specialist said under the contract, MN Power and Savelite Engineering will be responsible for the design, manufacture, supply, delivery, installation, testing, and commissioning of the interconnection facility for the LSSPV plant and substation.




The EPCC contract shall commence immediately and be completed on Sept 30, 2023.

“MNHB is delighted to be appointed as the sub-contractor to undertake the EPCC of interconnection facility for a LSSPV plant and substation for one of the largest solar power plants in Perlis,” MNHB executive director Dang Siong Diang said.

Inclusive of the latest contract, MNHB has successfully increased its order book to approximately RM258mil.

The contract is expected to contribute positively to the revenue and earnings of the company for the financial year ending June 30, 2024 as well as to the future earnings and net assets per share of the group during the duration of the contract.

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