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IT is a huge loss to the nation when people die. Life is precious.

Two aspects:

The value of lifeThe economic loss per life on the road.

Over the years, I despise the Mat Rempit’s lack of respect for road rules and other road users, as well as showing disregard for one’s own life. Regardless, I hold the view that we must preserve lives to the best of our abilities.

There is no doubt they really are a nuisance to society. For a long time they have been misguided and are lost in their search for satisfaction for speed and fame, among others.

According to a study by Universiti Putra Malaysia road safety researchers in 2017, the economic loss of one person killed on the road was RM2.3 million. The figure concluded was made five years ago. I can’t imagine the economic loss to the nation today.

Just look at police data. There are thousands of youth and children who are killed while riding motorcycles.

Bukit Aman’s Traffic Enforcement and Investigation Department data showed that children from as young as six up to 15 have been killed over the years, together with those aged 16 to 20. More than 12,000 of them perished from 2009 until last year.

Those within the 16-20 age group record the most deaths EVERY YEAR. It is a sad reality.




These youngsters are our future and the backbone of our nation. They have been misguided for a very long time. A machine known as kapcai has spurred them to “blow off steam” in the wrong way.

It is affordable, fast, powerful, agile and easily accessible. It is the right match for a group of humans hungry for cheap thrill and entertainment.

A long time ago, the country had a huge problem with drugs. The substance was killing and spoiling the future of our youth. It destroyed family institutions.

Now, this kapcai and rempit menace are causing headaches. It is obvious that road crashes destroy families too.

If gun violence in the United States is considered the leading cause of children and youth getting killed, the use of kapcai is the top reason young Malaysians are killed.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), road traffic injuries are the number one cause of fatalities in Malaysia for kids and youth from the age of four until 25.

They could have turned a new leaf. They could have been our future leaders. They could be the next Mufti Ismail ibn Musa Menk, the next Steve Jobs or the next Sean Parker or Hooi Ling Tan. Our rempit youth could be the next entrepreneurs creating jobs in the future.

We were young before. In fact, in my youth, I wasn’t the best person around. I did a lot of things.

These youngsters, if they get the right guidance and are taught to responsibly use the kapcai, they could lead us to a better Malaysia.

And what about those severely injured and becoming permanently disabled due to road crashes? This is another burden to the nation and also to healthcare.

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